About Gang Canal


The Ganga Canal of Rajasthan (also called Gang Canal) is an irrigation system of canals laid down by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner in his princely state in the present district of Sri Ganganagar in the early twentieth century. It is fed from the Sutlej River near Firozpur, Punjab, close to the India–Pakistan border, and passes through the Faridkot and Muktsar districts. Faridkot's Jhok Sarkari village lies on its path.

Salient Features/Statistics





Estimated Cost

₹ 621.42
Crores (2008 Price Level)

Gross Command Area

10.94 Lac
Acres (4.427 Lac Hectare)

Existing Culturable Command Area

7.76 Lac
Acres (314.047 Th. Hactare)

Proposed Culturable Command Area

8.79 Lac
Acres (355.760 Th. Hactare)

Existing Irrigation Intensity

(Water allowance 2.56 Cusecs. Per %acres)

Proposed Irrigation Intensity

(Water allowance 3.0 Cusecs. Per %acres)

Annural Irrigation

281.05 Th. Ha.
(79% of 355.76 Th. Ha.)

Requirement of Water

1.44 MAF
1.345 MAF (Crop) + 0.95 MAF (Drinking & Industrial)

B C Ratio

(at 10% interest & 2008 price level)

Cost Per Hectare


Cost Per Hectare


  • Type of lining

  • Bikaner Canal
    (Feeder Canal) - Double tile lining in cement mortar. (115.33 KM)
  • Gang Canal
    (Main Canal) - Double tile lining in complete portion. (20.42 KM and in Rest 52.74KM)
    Double brick/PCC block lining in cement mortar (Total Length 73.16 KM)
  • Distributies & Minors
    Single brick lining (1150.87 KM)
    CC Lining (14.85 KM)
    Total 1165.45KM